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imightbeasunbear asked:

Hi, so this is a silly question. I moved here a few months ago from Texas and am without a car and have been walking every where (which is something I never did back home). I'm tall and a big 'ol thing and I have shredded almost all of my shoes. So my question is, do you have any shoe pointers? You're in Seattle as well, right? Also, pointers for rain proof, wide, and or durable shoes for the rainy season would be awesome too. Thank you!

Hello! Yes, I am a Seattlite, but I’m not really sure how helpful I will be to your show game tho. I own about 10 pairs of shoes:

  • Three pairs of dr. Martens ( two pairs of boots, one pair of mary janes) that I bought at the shop downtown 
  • A great pair of pink cowgirl boots from Country Outfitter online
  • 4 pairs of shoes from forever 21 (sandals, flats, sneakers and wedges) from the F21 downtown
  • And some flats and red mary janes I picked up from the Salvation Army on 4th Ave S

None of these shoes are specific to Seattle, nor are they indicative of “proper” Seattle shoe wear because I don’t believe this is the kind of place where you need to be super thoughtful about shoes. Seattle has really mild weather, even in the depths of winter, so I don’t find I need to be all that prepared beyond some good socks, inserts to support my arches when I walk, and some layers to anticipate rain.  If it happens to snow, I’ll lace up my boots, but beyond that I don’t consider my foot wear much beyond aesthetics. I guess it’s all about your comfort and what will work best for you. I’ve been in the PNW for over 13 years and by now I’m used to being soggy and damp 8 months a year. But, if you’re new to this area, you might want some rain boots until you get used to living like a wet slug.